Are You A Women Travelling Alone in Morocco?


Going abroad is always super exciting, and can also be potentially frightening at times, especially if you are not familiar with the land or thr language. There are certain places that are scarier to travel to than others, especially for women. One very cool travel destination that women should choose to explore with a partner or group is Morocco.

Morocco is a beautiful country, filled with many different cultural attractions and customs that are appealing to someone who loves to travel. However, for women, Morocco can be a bit dangerous when travelling there on your own or without any men in your group.

Unfortunately, women are not seen as equals in certain countries, Morocco included. Therefore, it is important to have at least one male companion with you when you are interacting with other local men or are even just in public places. Instances where men in Morocco have been too violent or aggressive towards women who are clearly westernized Visitors happens regularly. These situations are different than ones that you would typically see in the United States. For example, it is very rare for one American male to go up to a tour group of Americans and request to purchase one of the women. However, weird situations like that occur more often than not in places that do not respect women’s rights as much as some of the more Westernized countries do. If you’re coming from western civilization, it may be hard to accept that this still happens, however, it is important to acknowledge that it odes and reamin cautious. 


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