Are You Traveling Or Going On A Holiday? Find Out The Difference


Traveling and going on a holiday are definitely not the same thing. One includes adventure, exploring a destination and its culture and customs and the other involves relax, fantastic resorts and a good amount of shopping. The big difference is reflected on your budget.

On holiday, activities are generally less intense and more sporadic. While traveling, people usually walk a lot, hike or cycle. Going on a vacation means putting down your suitcase the second you get to the hotel, traveling means carrying your backpack here and there. Traveling is really not about the comforts and luxuries of a holiday. However, taking a holiday means seeing the place you’re visiting through the eyes of a tourist while traveling is way more authentic.

That means that it might be uncomfortable and tiring some times, but definitely worth it for those who enjoy those kind of experiences. Traveling creates memories you will remember the rest of your life. It make you push your boundaries and think outside the box. However, it doesn’t necessarily allow you to relax and to come back home fresh and ready to start working again.

Most of the time, you come back even more tired that when you left and extremely confused given the changes in life style you have to deal with. For those who go on a holiday, one week is more than enough. Some good food, a great tan, a book and the holiday is over. For those who travel, it is usually a matter of months to explore more than one place in the country of visit.


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