Your Next Girls Night Out


Ever had a passion for art? Ever had a passion for drinking? Well, art studios have begun popping up all across the country and it looks like wine and paint lovers just may have found their perfect spot. With these quaint little paint shops, they offer the perfect environment to hang out with friends, drink a little wine, and paint a beautiful piece of art.

Even for those who are not artistically inclined, these paint shops typically have instructors who demonstrate a step by step process that will aid you on your journey to creating your perfect masterpiece. One of the fun things about having these instructors demonstrate a pre chosen painting, is that no matter what, everyone’s painting turn out a little differently and painters are able to make their own little tweaks in order to make the painting their own.

These paint shops are perfect for enjoying a casual night out with your friends, birthday parties for people of all ages, and are an overall great environment for the painter in all of us!



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