Avocado Popularity Continues To Increase World Wide


Americans love avocados. Whether it is the creamy taste, the versatility, or just the pure trendiness of avocados, Americans are obsessed. Avocados have developed into one of the most popular fruits to be consumed in recent years.  The Hass Avocado Board claims that the popularity and consumption of avocados has been increasing ever year for the past 15 years. Avocados used to be sold solely in cities on the West Coast. However, now avocados can be found virtually everywhere and have become staples in popular dishes.

    Avocados have gained popularity as social media usage has increased. People have been able to post and share many recipes that use avocados. One of the most famous ways in which avocados make it to the social media scene, is through it’s pretty presentation on toast. Avocado toast is one of the most trendy food items that is being circulated through social media. However other avocado foods, such as guacamole, has always been popular to consume among Americans, regardless of its South American origins.

    Meanwhile, for those who have yet to jump on the avocado trend, there are some creative and extensive resources online to assist you. If you search for recipes with avocados on FoodNetwork.com, it will give you over 2,000 results.  However, if you google “recipe with avocado” or any variation of that phrase, the internet will provide you with a variety of yummy ideas.


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