Bacardi’s Cuban Roots


Having been one of the most renowned alcoholic brands across the globe, Bacardi traces its roots from the great Santiago City in the Island of Cuba. Every notable success has a story behind it and Bacardi is not an exception; it has gone through thick and thin in its recession period, since 1862, to be the legendary brand it is today.

The mastermind behind Bacardi Limited is Don Facundo Bacardi Masso who decided to be unique in his distillation and production of the spirits.

Most of the locals were used to low-quality spirits that’s why Don Bacardi identified an opportune gap of setting up a more advanced rum distillery that would release quality brands.

The plan was superb and timely which was evident in the enormous growth of Bacardi Limited.

Emilio Bacardi

However, during the struggle for the Cuban independence, Emilio, who is Bacardi’s eldest son, was arrested several times and finally forced into exile.

The business faced some trying moments but the other family members remained resilient. As a matter of fact, the company spread its wings to New York and Barcelona despite the pressure.

Bacardi family was at the forefront of giving financial support to rebels and basically stood against any development that conflicted with the interests of their company.

Fidel Castro

However, it became more intense when Fidel Castro stepped in power and completely confiscated every single asset of the company.

This terminated the existence of Bacardi Limited in Cuba to an extent that its products almost became extinct in the island. Nevertheless, it has been doing excellently in its other international plants.


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