Best Chocolate in Vienna


Although it’s a bit far from where the cocoa beans are grown, Vienna is a hot destination for chocolate connoisseur looking to get some of the best chocolate in the world from shops that home-make it or even attempting to make it yourself.

Zotter Chocolate

Zotter is one of the best chocolate names in Vienna due to his unique attitude towards chocolate, his fair-trade ethics, and his eclectic tasting chocolates.

If the packaging wasn’t wild enough then it definitely is some of the ingredients that are infused with the chocolate such as tequila, cheese, or trout.

But there are more normal flavors available throughout different stores in Vienna

Confiserie Hindl Museum

Confiserie Hindl returns to the more authentic chocolate offerings.

With flavors as rich as their 55-year history in Vienna, this chocolate shop is a great place to learn about chocolate’s place in history at their museum.

Lindt Chocolate

Lindt might be a tiny shop, but it holds a big item: Lindt Chocolate. Filled with satisfying flavors, these chocolates have been used as holiday gifts or for special occasions.

They also change the game by offering fondue too, which is available year round.

Schokov Extraordinary Chocolate for Extraordinary People

Schokov in the City offers extraordinary chocolate for extraordinary people, according to their motto.

Backed by a range of over 200 types of organic chocolates, their guests can also enjoy chocolate tastings – which can be accompanied by wine.

Bonbon Et Chocolat

Bonbon Et Chocolat was founded by a teacher who wanted a bit of a sweeter lifestyle. Now she makes high-quality chocolate using Koakoa and ingredients such as pure cocoa butter to bring chocolate art to her customers.


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