Best eReaders to Take on Your Next Vacation


Do you dream of spending your vacation relaxing on the beach under the warm summer sun? If so, then there’s no better way to top off the experience than with an intriguing book that you can really sink your teeth into. Still, taking a whole bunch of books on vacation can use up a lot of space, making an eBook or eReader your ideal solution. Here are the best eReaders to take on your next vacation.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

This eReader’s 6.8-inch screen comes with adjustable warm lighting, enabling you to see your book in the dark while its antiglare enables you to read under direct sunlight. What’s more, this Kindle has a 10-week battery life, meaning you won’t need to bring your charger on vacation if you charge it ahead of time.

Amazon Kindle Scribe

With a generous 10.2-inch display, the Scribe is perfect for not only reading but also jotting down your ideas. If you enjoy sketching or perhaps like taking study notes, then this eReader and its stylus are perfect for you.

PocketBook Color E-Book Reader

Unlike most alternatives on the market, this PocketBook has a color screen, making it highly engaging. With a 16-gigabyte storage capacity, you can enjoy a range of books as well as comics and magazines.


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