The Best Italian Food in Spain


Have you ever found yourself with an undying craving for some savory Italian food? Have you ever been in Spain? Have you ever been in Spain with the sudden urge to fly to Rome for a quick bite to eat? Well, if you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you should definitely check out the Italian restaurant, San Tommaso in Valencia.

This restaurant has a ton of delicious and authentic Italian dishes, even though the venue is located in a little alleyway in El Carmen.  Valencia has some amazing Spanish dishes to offer, but San Tommaso can definitely compete with the best of them.  They offer traditional margherita pizza, specialty pizza’s with interesting toppings such as pear and arugula, and their past is to die for.  Their Pasta San Tommaso and their Gnocchi dishes are some of the best cuisine that Valencia has to offer.  The waiters and waitresses there are personable, friendly, and speak Spanish, Italian, and English. Before every meal they bring you buckets full of fresh, Italian bread. And after dinner, if you’ve made a good impression on the waiter, they may even bring you and your table a free round of Limoncello shots. And if the sound of alcohol sounds appealing, definitely consider ordering their white sangria.  It comes in a super large cup with a ton of fruit.

Valencia, Spain has a ton of amazing restaurants. However, you can still enjoy the taste of authentic, Italian food if you are there by visiting San Tommaso. The service and food will never disappoint, and it is a perfect meal to enjoy for a date night or as a pre- club preparation meal.


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