Best Nashville Bars for Country Music Fans


Everyone who loves country music should try to make their way to Nashville Tennessee at some point in their life. Nashville to country music what Hollywood is to the movies. It’s a city that has helped to define country music throughout the genre’s history, and today it’s still the best place to find tomorrow’s country stars.

Best Nashville Bars for Country Music Fans


The Stage On Broadway

Offering an intoxicating combination of dive bar and music venue, The Stage On Broadway is a great place to visit whether you’re more interested in drinking or listening to music.

It’s a dark and comfortable place to escape the heat when the Nashville heat gets overwhelming.

But if the heat outside isn’t too bad, there’s a patio on the roof that offers a great place to check out Broadway and enjoy a few drinks when the weather is right.

The drinks aren’t cheap, but they aren’t too expensive either, they’re just about what you should expect from Broadway.

Overall, The Stage strikes a good balance that will satisfy most people.

Wildhorse Saloon

The name “saloon” might make this location sound small and quaint, but this place is actually an epic sight to behold.

There are three different floors that are filled with bars, dining tables, and dance floors that are all filled up when the weekend comes around.

You can start the evening out with some fantastic barbecue, move to the dance floor to burn some of the calories off, and cool down with a draft beer when it starts to get late.

This place isn’t the most intimate, and it attracts more tourists than locals, but there is still plenty to love about the Wildhorse Saloon.

The Patterson House

This bar can be found in the heart of Music Row in Midtown Nashville. It has a real throwback feel without sacrificing the best things about the modern bar experience.

The bar serves a hip food selection, and the bartenders can whip up just about any drink order you might throw at them.

This bar captures the feeling of the classic American West without falling into the realm of kitsch or parody. It should be noted that unlike many of the other bars on our list this isn’t a music venue.

This isn’t the place to go for live music, it’s the place you go before or after visiting a concert at one of the nearby venues.

Legend’s Corner

This honky-tonk has long been a favorite with out of towners because of its location just across from the Nashville Convention Center.

But locals also love to stop by to drink beer, listen to music, and soak in the ambiance.

Legend’s Corner owns up to its name thanks to an incredible collection of artifacts from some of the genre’s most legendary acts. It’s like a museum that serves booze.

Anyone who is interested in the history of country music owes it to themselves to stop by this Nashville hotspot.

If you do decide to visit then consider bringing your dancing shoes, the folks at the Corner love to cut a rug!

Robert’s Western World

This is one of the Nashville’s hippest music venues, but you might be a little confused if you arrive during the day.

During the morning and the afternoon, Robert’s Western World is a boot store, where folks who want to dress like real cowboys can stop by to stock up on footwear.

But when evening rolls around the place transforms into one of the city’s best bars for classic country. It offers a unique country mix of live music, good food, western clothing, and cold brews.

If you want to experience the sort of venue you can’t find anywhere else, then Robert’s Western World is well worth your time.


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