Best Phone Plans For Your Next International Trip


While traveling abroad is certainly exciting, it takes a lot of planning in order to make your trip run smoothly. Getting the right phone plan happens to be just one of these crucial tasks. Here are some of the best international phone plans you can get for your next vacation abroad.

AT&T International Day Pass

For $10 per day, the International Day Pass will give you unlimited high-speed internet, texts, and minutes. What’s more, this package is available in over 210 destinations worldwide.

Verizon TravelPass

For Verizon subscribers, there’s the TravelPass, providing you with unlimited talk, text, and data in 210+ locations. For Canada and Mexico, the package costs just $5 per day, while other eligible destinations cost $10 per day.

T-Mobil International Pass

What’s great about T-Mobil’s plans is that you can tailor them according to the length of your trip. The T-Mobil International Pass starts at $5 for a day pass with up to 512MB data and unlimited calling, up until $50 for an entire month, when you’ll receive 15GB data and unlimited calls.


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