Best Sleep Masks For A Peaceful Flight


As you head on your next trip, you’ll no doubt be wondering how you can keep comfortable on your flight. One way to help you settle in and get some rest is a comfortable sleep mask. here are the best sleep masks you can get for a peaceful flight.

Slip Lovely Lashes Contour Sleep Mask

With contouring around your eyes, this sleep mask will make sure to block out the light without creating pressure around your eyes. This is particularly useful if you have long lashes that you don’t want to ruin.

Mavogel Sleep Eye Mask

This mask contains foam layers around the nose and temples, making sure to block out any and all light from the outside world. Despite being thick, this cotton mask remains comfortable while creating minimal pressure on the sinuses.

Quince Mulberry Silk Beauty Sleep Mask

This featherlight silk mask seamlessly drapes itself over your eyes, providing a luxurious and consistent sleep experience. Furthermore, it’s available in 12 colors, enabling you to be stylish in the process.


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