Best U.S. Cities to Visit for Jazz Lovers


Jazz, America’s great musical gift to the world, resonates through the streets, clubs, and festivals of many cities across the nation. Born from a mix of African rhythms, European harmonic structure, and blues, jazz has played a pivotal role in the cultural evolution of the United States. If jazz is your jam, here are three cities worth visiting. 

New Orleans, Louisiana

Widely considered the birthplace of jazz, New Orleans holds a special place in the heart of every jazz enthusiast. The city’s vibrant music scene thrives in its bars, clubs, and through its streets, where live music is a staple. Check out iconic venues like Preservation Hall for nightly jazz concerts.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago became a jazz hotspot during the Great Migration when many African Americans moved north and brought their musical traditions with them. Today, Chicago’s jazz clubs like the Green Mill (a former haunt of Al Capone) and the Jazz Showcase continue to be hotspots for jazz lovers.

New York City, New York

New York City is arguably the heartbeat of America’s jazz scene. It’s where bebop was born, and it has been home to many of jazz’s greatest icons. From historic venues like the Blue Note and Birdland to the Village Vanguard, the city has an incredible array of places to experience live music. 


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