Best Women’s Travel Boots


Whether you’re hiking, strolling around the city, or facing the rain or snow, a pair of boots can go a long way in keeping your feet comfortable and protected during your travels. Here are some of the best women’s travel boots you can take on your next journey.

Blondo Danika Waterproof Bootie

Whether you prefer the leather or nubuck version, these boots are waterproof and highly effective at keeping your feet dry. What’s more, their cushioned insole will keep you comfortable throughout your travels.

Asgard Ankle Chelsea Boots

If you’re looking for a more casual, low-riding boot, then these Asgards are for you. What’s more, they’re highly affordable at just under $33.

Ugg Classic II Shearling-lined Short Boot

For a dreamy, comfortable boot that is perfectly suited for winter weather, these Uggs will serve you well. Their soft lining and supportive soles will keep you comfortable no matter whether you’re going skiing, going sightseeing, or simply heading to the mall.


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