Where to Boozy Brunch in NYC


Boozy Brunch after a wild night out, sometimes you just need fresh air and to be with your friends, and the only thing curing your hangover is more alcohol. Boozy brunches in NYC are unparalleled.

Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s are flying and the music is bumping. The vibrant, energetic environment is contagious and you’ll find yourself taking back drinks faster than you thought and that aforementioned hangover will be gone.

Here are some the best places in NYC to boozy brunch:

San Marzano

 San Marzano, located in the East Village, is the perfect boozy brunch if you’re looking for a laid-back brunch vibe but with a kick.

San Marzano offers bottomless pitchers of mimosas for $10, as long as you order food with it. Aside from the loud patrons, San Marzano isn’t too rowdy compared to other brunch places.


Bagatelle is basically a morning club. Their brunches get rowdy. If you don’t want your previous night to end and you want the party to continue then this is your place.

Located in meatpacking, Bagatelle offers premium cocktails and everyone there is basically in club attire getting ready to rage.

The Flying Cock

located in Murray Hill, the flying cock offers $19 for bottomless bloody mary’s, mimosas, and bellinis for 90 minutes. Need I say more?

The Flying Cock gets super rowdy but also has amazing food so if you’re looking for a great meal and a party then this is your place. It has all your boozy brunch cravings satiated.


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