Bring A Camera and Leave The Phone


Mobile phones are extremely vital appliances that play important roles in essentially all aspects of their owners’ lives.

You can call, text, set your alarm, schedule a doctors appointment, and check the time all by logging on to your little device. Besides being a useful tool to keep in touch with people, phones have evolved to the point where people feel the need to spend hours upon hours per day to check their social media accounts, update their status, or stalk their best friend’s ex’s new girlfriend’s cousin on Instagram.

Another important aspect of your phone is its ability to take nice pictures and capture moments deemed special. Especially when you travel, you’re more inclined to whip out your phone in order to take pictures of the landscape or take a selfie with a cool geotag detailing your location. Usually, once your phone’s out to take a picture, you might as well check all of your texts, apps, missed calls, and social media notifications.

In these precious moment that have become consumed by looking at your phone, you are really cheating yourself out of living in the moment in this cool new place that you have traveled to and want to experience. And yes, getting some nice pictures to bring some of your memories back home with you is extremely important. So, consider whipping out that nice Nikon you received a few years ago for Christmas.

Take all of the pictures that your heart desires, but many leave your phone in your pocket.


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