British Airways Has A Digital Pill That Monitors Your Happiness


This might sound like a red pill, blue pill situation from The Matrix, but what if we told you there might be a pill out there soon, that can actually just make you happy. That’s British Airways’ new idea with a pill for passengers to ingest on a flight which will alert the cabin crew to their needs. Swallow the pill and it will keep track of hydration, temperature and more. Before you even realize you’re thirsty, a flight attendant will arrive with a glass of water. Get a little chilly while napping at 10,000 feet? You won’t even have to ask to have a blanket draped over you.

The idea was first explored by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology over a year ago and the 24-page patent application appears to indicate real success in developing the technology. The silicon pill would be ingested and pass through the human digestive tract in over a day or two. Of course the pill would only be ingested, and not digested.

There are still many questions to be answered as to the exact application of this technology. Is it safe for children? Who gets to take the pill? How much will this kind of technology cost for average users? Most importantly, what if any medical risks does it present. Travel technology has advanced tremendously, and yet it still looks like new frontier.


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