Brits Miss Their Beds More Than Kids When Traveling


I think we all value sleep a lot. But, those from the United KIngdom might value their sleep a little bit more than we think. Yes, you read the title well. Apparently people from England miss more their beds than their own children when they are abroad. How do we know? According to the 4th edition of the Business Travel and Technology Survey lead by Egencia, the business travel arm of the Expedia group, UK workers do miss their beds a lot, but is it really more than they miss their very own children?

Here are the findings of the survey: Globally, children and beds are equally missed. In fact 36 percent of the surveyed agreeing on it. But if we take into consideration the UK only, business travelers miss their beds more than their children. We have to stop and think, “what matresses are they using?” Meanwhile, In France instead it is the opposite with only 42 percent of business travelers missing their children and only 28 percent missing their beds. Spouses are missed the most.

Given these findings, globally travelers still value non-stop flights, class upgrades and in-flight Wi-Fi more than extra time off. When it comes to improving their satisfaction during business travel, they would rather get better conditions than more time off. The survey’s goal is to improve the global traveler’s condition, however we had to share this crazy news! Between the bed and their kid, they miss their bed the most! Isn’t that crazy?


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