Budget Airlines Don’t Have to Be a Terrible Experience


Budget airlines usually get a bad rep with their lack of amenities, baggage limitations, and hidden costs. However, they still get you from point A to point B for ridiculously low ticket prices. Flying with budget airlines doesn’t have to be a terrible experience, at least not if you follow some simple tips.

Be Aware of Hidden Costs

You should get familiar with all the hidden costs that could cause serious damage to your budget. Know that budget airlines charge extra for almost everything, including extra luggage, seat selection, and in-person check-in.

Book a Return Flight Immediately

Don’t wait to book a return flight when flying with budget airlines. Due to low ticket prices and the fact that budget airlines usually serve popular destinations, flights can be sold out quickly. Also, the tickets can get pricier as the flight approaches. Your best bet is to book a return flight even before you board the plane.

Arrive at the Airport Early

Budget airlines mostly use smaller airports in order to keep their costs down. This means that the lines can get pretty long due to the low number of employees and service can be less than desirable. Make sure to get there earlier than you planned in order to avoid stressful situations and potentially missing your flight.

Bring Snacks and Entertainment

In-flight movies? Forget about it. Complementary snacks? It won’t happen. When you fly with budget airlines, you should take care of these things yourself. Bring a tablet or a book to keep you entertained and pack some snacks in case you get hungry because the prices of on-board food can be quite steep.


Jas C
Jas C
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