Budget Friendly Vacations


Ever want to get away for a week but don’t quite have the substantial funds that travelling can require? Well, there are many U.S. and international destinations that are definitely affordable, keeping a luxurious vacation under a tight budget. Travel site Kayak has identified the most searched destinations with the lowest overall median cost (about $900 for a flight and three-night stay as the median), making a list of the most exciting and wallet-friendly vacation spots that work for any type of traveller.

A fan favorite in the states would recommend Orlando, Florida to the famous Disney World parks or Universal Studios. While the ticket prices of the parks don’t usually tend to fluctuate seasonally, flight and hotel prices do.

The best time to fly to Florida is in January, where flights can come for less than $180 each. Instead of splurging for an expensive on-site hotel at the parks, there are many off-site options only a few miles away and are just as nice. According to Kayak, a trip to Orlando with the fam rings in at 32% less than the median cost of a typical vacation.

For someone interested in an international vacation, ever considered taking a trip to Mexico? Guadalajara to be specific? Located between the beautiful Oblatos Canyon and the base of the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range, the city of Guadalajara is the capital and largest city of the Mexican state Jalisco.

The city is home to your typical Mexican pastimes such as the rodeo and the Mexican hat dance. The city hosts the International Mariachi Festival each September, attracting thousands of locals and tourists to celebrate in tequila tastings, gala nights, and mariachi-inspired art shows all while listening to the national and cultural treasure that is mariachi music.

Because of the weak Mexican peso, a trip to Guadalajara currently cost 41% less than the median vacation, averaging flights from the U.S. under $390. Hotels ring in an even bigger steal, at approximately $67 a night. What a bargain!

While these are only two possible travel destinations, there are so many easy and affordable vacation spots just waiting for you to discover them.


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