Canadian English Ranks 10th For Sexy Accents


When on the search for the perfect significant other, many people have lists that include different physical and characteristic traits of someone that they would ideally want to be with. With this list of “wants”, comes a list of “don’t wants”. And while many of these “don’t wants” can include traits such as clinginess, messiness, rudeness, and dullness, another “don’t want” to make the list is an intolerable voice.

Seriously, who wants to be with a partner whose voice is as obnoxious as their previous ex’s personality? Luckily, Canadians don’t have to worry about this as their accent was recently ranked as the 10th sexiest accent in a recent poll by Ranker. When asked what the sexiest accent is, people typically respond with the classics such as British, Australian, or Spanish.

The Canadian accent isn’t typically considered as a sexy accent, but hey, times and tastes seem to be changing. However, this year, Irish accents ranked number one on the list. Irish is followed by Spanish, Australian, British, French, Italian, Swedish, Scandinavian, Brazilian Portuguese, Canadian English, German Japanese, and the list goes on.

The United States makes its first appearance on the list with “Southern English” ranking 17th. It seems as if the sexiest accents as ranked by this poll have origins in Europe, with other continents’ accents following behind them in these rankings, that is, until you reach Brazilian Portuguese and Canadian English.

So, when crafting your “wants” list for traits you wish to see in a future significant other, don’t rule out someone who speaks with a Canadian English accent because their voice may be more appealing than you think.


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