Cancer Survivor Climbs Mount Everest


There are many grand acheivememts you can conquer in life. For some people it would be reaching a certain level of income, visiting some place in the world, or having kids. But for some, it’s climbing Mount Everest. Climbing Mount Everest would be hard for everyone, but for this person, it was a life-risking adventure. Jules Mountain (perfect name!) risked his life to challenge himself. And this wasn’t the first time he did it. Jules survived cancer, hepatitis, liver failure and a motorcycle crash.

He has risked his life so many times that he wrote a book about it. Jules was at the base camp of Mount Everest when the 2015 earthquake hit Nepal. The earthquake killed 9,000 people including 22 people on the Everest camp.

Jules was there. He helped with emergency services and rescue missions. At that time, he was forbidden to climb the mountain given the earthquake. But he didn’t care and did it anyway. He joined another expedition a bit later and on May 13, 2016 he got to the peak of the mountain.

Why is he so brave? His life taught him to be strong.

He was a company director, living with his two daughters in Hertfordshire, England. In 2007 he discovered that he had a tumor from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

After his diagnosis, he decided he wouldn’t let cancer stop him from living the way he wanted to. So he was always looking for new challenges: riding a motorcycle, hiking, skiing. Jules, you are truly amazing!


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