This ‘Cathedral’ Is A Must-See When Visiting Austin, TX


Austin TX has a lot to offer and tourists can fill their daily schedules with tons of fun things to do. From river tubing and haunted history tours to many different wine or Segway tours. Austin has it all!

But there is one very unique attraction not many people know about: The Cathedral of Junk.

The Cathedral of Junk

This extraordinary museum, located on 4422-4424 Lareina Drive, has been created by Vince Hannemann.

The artist started building the cathedral thirty years ago and has been adding to it ever since. Nowadays, the structure consists of over 60 tons of junk and has multiple levels and ‘rooms’.

The cathedral is made of items such as bottles, car bumpers, ladders, cables, circuit boards, kitchen utensils, bicycle parts, lawnmower wheels, and other unidentifiable materials.

Everything might seem a little overwhelming, but Hannemann made sure you won’t get lost. The cathedral is equipped with electricity that lights up several signs that will help you find your way through this very special place.

Vince Hannemann

If you want to pay a visit to the Cathedral of Junk, you do need to set an appointment with Vince Hannemann (you can contact him on 512-299-7413), because he also has a normal day job.

Keep in mind that he’s asking a $10 donation and that you might not be able to park your car close to the entrance, because the cathedral is located in a residential area so parking spots are scarce.

Even though you are going to visit a place made out of junk, it is not appreciated if you bring your own.

Hannemann has carefully thought out every design and purpose of all the rooms and chose his materials based on those ideas.




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