Check Out These Stunning Landscapes in Germany


Germany is a large country in Europe with many incredible cities and towns there. The capital of Berlin is a wonderful place to explore, and there’s also the fascinating Cologne, Hanover, Munich, and much more. However, Germany has some immensely beautiful natural landscapes as well, so if you’re headed to this exciting country for a trip then don’t forget to check out these amazing areas. 

The Bavarian Forest, Bavaria

Bavaria is often associated with its traditional cultures, including authentic beer, Oktoberfest, and the charming dirndls and lederhosen. However, one of Bavaria’s best features is the jaw-dropping landscape which includes luscious forest, dramatic mountains, and crystal clear lakes.  

The Black Forest, Baden-Württemberg

This area is well-known around the world for its stunning views, fascinating nature, picturesque villages, and association with the Grimm fairytales. With sprawling forests and mesmerizing mountains, the popularity of this glorious region is well-founded. 

Saxon Switzerland National Park, Saxony

This rock national park is the only one of its kind in Germany. Rugged sandstone peaks bulge out of the dense woodlands, and this area is home to some very special wildlife including otter, lynx, deer, and many exciting birds of prey. There are stunning gorges centered around the valley of the beautiful River Elbe.


Hannah F
Hannah F
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