Check Out These Unusual Tourist Attractions While in Rome, Italy


Visiting Rome, Italy, is all about checking out Colosseum, exploring museums and seeing Renaissance art, and eating some great Italian food. Following this template guarantees a great experience but not exactly a unique one. If you are looking to have the latter, then make sure to check out these unusual tourist attractions while there.

Water Clock at Villa Borghese

Villa Borghese is one of the biggest Rome parks with a complex of gardens, mansions, and monuments. But the thing you should really see here is the intriguing water clock nestled in the east part of the place. Constructed in the 19th century, the clock is run by a water-powered mechanism and surprisingly shows the correct time.

Saint Peter’s Basilica Dome

Tourists usually visit Saint Peter’s Basilica to enjoy its beautiful decorations and artworks. However, they rarely decide to take a climb to its dome. By taking the climb, you will have the opportunity to see the frescoes and interior in a whole new way. Also, you will get to enjoy a stunning view of St Peter’s Square.

St Valentine’s Scull at Santa Maria in Cosmedin

Santa Maria in Cosmedin is a small Roman basilica dating from the 11th. Inside the church, you will find a skull with a flower crown attributed to St. Valentine, a Roman saint whose Saints’ Day is being celebrated as a day of love and romance on 14th February. 


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