Chicagos ‘Pokemon Go’ Fest Sold Out In Minutes


People are obsessed with Pokemon Go and yet we didn’t expect something like this to happen. Last summer, everyone was playing this game, however it later fell out of fashion and no one is talking about it anymore.

In recent months, however, developer Niantic has pulled out a new idea to get fans back in the game. Apparently, it has worked. Over 16 million Pokémon have been caught in New York in a single day in early June. How did they get people’s attention? They have added tons of new Pokemon and a launch a Go Fest, the largest official gathering of trainers since the launch of the game.The $20 tickets sold out in just minutes and now those who suceeded in buying the tickets, are selling them for of dollars on Ebay, and people are actually buying.

It’s a shame some family out there might have to drop a few grand if they missed out on buying tickets to the gathering. We hope at least it will be worth it!


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