Ciara Johnson Discovered the Art of Solo Travel After Quitting Her HR Job


Traveling the world on your own can feel scary, but that didn’t stop Ciara Johnson from taking that leap of faith. The mastermind behind the travel blog Hey Ciara left her corporate job behind so she could explore the world full-time.

Before becoming a travel blogger with over 100,000 Instagram followers under her belt, she landed a 9-5 job in HR at a Fortune 500 company shortly after graduating, but quickly found herself yearning for more.

“After sitting in my cubicle, it didn’t take long to wonder ‘Is this it?’ I quickly realized that this life wasn’t for me. I just knew I was meant for more. I wanted to break away from routine, travel to far-flung destinations, and immerse myself in other cultures. I wanted to do, see, and be more,” she explains on her official website.

She wanted to travel full-time, so she saved all the money she could for the full two years and quit her job to live her dream. She knew that money would be the biggest hurdle she’d have to face, so she did a lot of research before selling everything she owned and buying a one-way ticket to Mexico.

Johnson went on to visit over 70 countries in the years to come and worked remotely in Asia and Europe. She eventually started working as a travel blogger full-time and is now using her platform to encourage other women to travel the world on their own.


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