Cinnaholic is the Cinnamon Roll You Have to Try


You’ve seen food trends come and go, each one trying to be edgier than the rest- restaurants that have menus exclusively featuring avocados, pressed juiceries, ramen burgers. But whatever happened to the good old fashioned bakeries that greet you with the smells of cinnamon and love as soon as you crack the door open?

The food industry seems to have been taken over by the need for efficiency and customizable options, but often lacks the charm of the homemade era. But not to fear-Cinnaholic, a vegan cinnamon roll bakery founded in 2008 has managed to form a blissful marriage between the two. The 100% vegan shop’s rolls do not include dairy, lactose, egg or cholesterol.

Outnumbering the ingredients their fluffy rolls do not contain are the fresh ones you can select to create your own cinnamon creation. In addition to seasonal flavors, like strawberry lemonade, you can top your roll with fresh fruit, cookie dough, graham crackers, jams, nuts, and sauces. Cinnaholic has frosting in just about any flavor under the sun you could want, from classic cream cheese to chai.

In addition to their signature rolls, each location offers bite-sized “baby buns”, cinnacakes, homemade brownies, cookies and cookie dough. Adding to their appeal is the level of freshness- the rolls are baked every 20 minutes to ensure the best quality. Cinnaholic was also featured on the popular, entrepreneur show, Shark Tank. Cinnaholic has franchise locations in Canada, Georgia, Florida, California, Idaho, Maryland, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Utah.

Their locations in Atlanta, GA and Boca Raton, FL are certified Kosher.


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