Countries That Offer Remote Work Visas


Are you a remote worker with an interest in exploring fresh pastures as you conduct your business as usual? In that case, there are several appealing destinations that actually offer favorable visa conditions for remote workers. Here are some countries that you should consider visiting if you’re a remote worker looking to go on a workcation.


The hi-tech Middle Eastern city of Dubai offers a one-year virtual working program to interested remote workers. This program will allow you to open a local bank account, rent or buy a car, rent accommodation, and send your kids to a local school. What’s great is that if you’re unsure whether Dubai is for you, you can enter on a tourist visa before committing to the one-year program.


Rather than granting you a visa, Georgia offers you its Remotely Work from Georgia program, where you can work in the nation for up to 365 days without requiring an actual visa. What’s great about Georgia is that it has a low cost of living, with a studio apartment costing around just $300 per month.


Through the Barbados Welcome Stamp Visa, this idyllic Caribbean island offers you the opportunity to enjoy all that the island life has to offer for a full year. In addition to its glorious beaches and scrumptious restaurants, Barbados offers seamless WiFi connectivity as well as fully-equipped coworking spaces.


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