Destination Trip To Cortona, Italy


Ever thought about taking a trip to Italy but decided against it because of the crowded tourists you know you’ll have to face? Although Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples, and many other famous cities all have amazing things to do, they’re so jammed packed with lines and people that it makes it almost not worth going.

Don’t let this discourage you from visiting the beautiful country of Italy because there are so many other places that are just as beautiful and waiting to be discovered by you. One town that is not as well known but full of just as much beauty is Cortona. Cortona is one of the oldest hilltop towns located in Tuscany, Italy.

Cortona is a town known for its gorgeous views of the countryside and its steep narrow medieval streets that are perfect for wandering and adventuring. The town has many artifacts of its Etruscan past, including the works of Renaissance artists such as Luca Signorelli and Fra Angelico, and Baroque artist Pietro da Cortona.

The Etruscan Academy Museum of Cortona showcases the achievements and history of these people before they were wiped out by the Romans. “It’s one of the most important Etruscan museums in Italy, and therefore the world,” said Louise Maciejewski, an English art historian, picture restorer and tour guide based in Cortona, “and it’s always getting bigger as they dig up more things.”

One of the most anticipated events in Cortona during the summer is the Mix Festival. The festival attracts many guests and international artists, welcoming you to a scene of arts, sounds, colors, and images by the beautiful landscapes of the charming surrounding village. The festival opens new visions and different perspectives of the arts, therefore intertwining tons of different cultures together.

Cortona offers lots of beautiful architecture and old churches built on ruins dating back to as old as the 11th century. Leave your map in the car and unwind for a day strolling along the beautiful and historical streets that the town of Cortona so kindly offers you.


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