Different Ways to Shower While Traveling in a Van 


Traveling in a van is a super exciting way to see the world. Having a little home on wheels means you can drive around new places and explore and park up at night to sleep wherever. However, there are of course sacrifices you have to make when creating your van space, and for many people having a shower is not a priority due to space and practicality limitations. That doesn’t mean you have to go without a shower the whole time you’re traveling in your van of course, and here are some of the easiest options for showering on the road. 

Sourcing Services With Showers

There are many apps specifically for van lifers that identify which service stations have certain amenities such as showers. Many of them do and may charge a small fee for the use of their hot showers. 

Heading to a Pool or Gym

This can be more difficult to arrange, but you of course get the added benefit of getting a nice swim or gym session in if you want. If you’re traveling in one country for a while it might be sensible to get a membership for a chain gym to be able to use the showers whenever. 

Paying for a Campground 

While it’s great to be able to park up for free places, there are huge benefits to paying for a campground, and using the toilets and hot showers is a big one. 


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