Discover the Travel Trend of 2017


This new travel trend will blow you away. The best part? If you are a US citizen, the passport is not required. Lately everyone has thought about how his vacation can be portrayed on Instagram. So travelling has become a way to step up your Instagame.

However, we would you to consider something different, a trend that will make you actually enjoy your vacation offline. It’s called ecotourism. So how does it work? Ecotourism is an environmentally friendly take on travel. Travelers can immerse themselves in nature without being distracted by every day’s life.  Ecotourism adventures are based on the idea of enjoying the land without human interference.

A good place to make it happen would be St. John in US Virgin Islands. This island is rich with experiences. You can go on a day-long hike, EcoQuest bike tour, or stay at an unforgettable campsite. The best location to stay is the Concordia Eco Resort, a real paradise. It has white sand beaches and natural wonders. So forget your phone and start sharing less and enjoying more!


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