Disneyland Introduces Lightsaber Churros And They Are Awesome


When It comes to food, people go crazy. The more junk food, the better. And just like It happened with Starbucks’ Unicorn Frapuccino, Disneyland has come up with something as yummy and Instagramable.

At Disneyland in fact you can find lightsaber churros in honor of Star Wars aren’t helping matters. They Are sold coated with either red or blue crystalized sugar. It is a new and cool way to show your passion for the movie. You can channel your inner dark side while you wait in line for Space Mountain! Because of the colors, the lightsabers have become one of the most Instagrammed food lately. People get excited thinking of the Jedi and Sith holders that look like lightsaber hilts.

You can find these churros outside the Star Tours simulation ride.

Disneyland started selling them on May 4 (Star Wars Day) but will be selling them Until the end of the month.

We wouldn’t be surprised if people would go to Disneyland just for one of these. Watch out with all that sugar!


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