Doing A Job That Involves A Lot of Travelling – Is It Worth It?


The hype over Instagram enabled us to look into other’s lives and see everything we wish we could be doing but are not doing. We all have that friend who is always somewhere different. The one who spends more time on the plane than outside. We envy him a bit because of his Instagram stories always on point and always from a different exotic and cool destination.

So we have seriously considered making the same choice and started working for a company that requires us to travel more. But what are the downsides?

You probably didn’t even think that behind those pictures posted on Instagram, there is so much more. First of all, when you travel that much you age faster.

You have less time to exercise, you eat a lot of airline food, you don’t sleep enough and that leads you to age very quickly. You are also always stressed out.

You never enjoy the benefit of a stable routine, you are continuously moving from one place to another without certainties. Not to mention that if you have a family or people you care about, you can barely see them and enjoy their company.

Most of the times when you’ll be home, you’ll be under the effect of the jet lag with no strength to see people and be social. So it gets extremely lonely and doesn’t matter how many Instagram stories or cool facebook post you’ll put on, that will not replace human affections.

So think well before changing your lifestyle.


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