Don’t Miss These 3 Awesome Tourist Attractions in Johannesburg, South Africa


As South Africa’s biggest city, Johannesburg sees plenty of tourists visiting each year. Some come for the culture, others for the outdoor activities, and then there are some who come to get a taste of everything. But there are some tourist attractions that every visitor should check out in Johannesburg.

Apartheid Museum

Everyone should find some time to visit Apartheid Museum. It will allow you to get more familiar with South Africa’s troubled past and learn about apartheid and its consequences. The museum features several exhibits that talk about specific points of apartheid, including Pillars of the Constitution, Race Classification, Journeys, and Segregation.

Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve

Those looking to spend an active day should head to Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve. The place is perfect for outdoor activities, offering a chance for biking, hiking, and picnicking, among other activities. You will also have a chance to get familiar with its diverse flora and fauna, including blesboks, zebras, and various reptiles.

Gold Reef City Theme Park

This amusement park is located on the site of an old gold mine. It follows the “gold rush” theme, with rides and attractions like Golden Loop, Miner’s Revenge, and Raging River Rapids. Besides the rides, the place also offers various other activities like gold mining exhibitions, demonstrations, and a highly-rated food court.


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