Don’t Miss These Incredible National Parks in Nevada, USA


Nevada is one of the 50 states of the US and is located in the northwest of the country. It’s one of the less populated states of the US and the majority of its inhabitants live in the major cities of Las Vegas and Reno. However, it has some stunning landscapes to explore and several national parks to show this off. If you are planning a trip around Nevada and would love to explore its spectacular nature, then here are some incredible national parks to visit.

Ruby Mountains Wilderness

This protected area around the Ruby Mountains is a stunning natural space to immerse yourself in. There are several impressive, rugged peaks to marvel at, as well as an abundance of glorious alpine lakes. In addition, the Lamoille Canyon is a dramatic and wild landscape of steep valleys and jutting rocks, formed by glacial erosion during the ice age.

Great Basin National Park

Located in the Great Basin desert in the east of Nevada, this national park is popular due to its fascinating range of natural wonders. With incredible mountains including the South Snake range and the impressive Wheeler Peak. there are also some mindblowing caves to explore, as well as some ancient pine trees and exciting wildlife.

Mount Rose Wilderness

This breathtaking protected area was named after its highest peak, Mount Rose. Here you’ll find wide, sweeping views of wild mountains lined with trees and stunning, crystal-clear lakes. There are plenty of exciting hikes to discover which show you all the wonderful views of the area.


Hannah F
Hannah F
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