Doppelgangers Meet On A Plane Ride


The concept of twins can be very fascinating to some people. Scientists and researchers spend hours devoting their lives to observing and testing different behaviors and appearances displayed by sets of twins.

Comparing the similarities and differences of twins raised together is one of the most ongoing reasons for study in the biological and psychological fields. However, and even more interesting subject comes about when twins who grew up separately, with no knowledge of one another discover that they are, in fact a twin.

Movies such as The Parent Trap and Twitches are extremely popular and glamorized portrayals of the meeting of a pair of twins by chance. However, in today’s world, things aren’t always so glamorous. Likewise though, in today’s world, experiences are shared all over the internet.

One meeting, in particular, has sparked a viral buzz recently and it involves two men who many believe to be twins separated at birth. On a flight from Scotland to Ireland, photographer Neil Thomas Douglas was randomly seated next to a man that looked exactly like him.

They, as well as the other passengers, were all shocked by the similar appearances of the two men. Smiling eyes and full-bodied red beards made appearances on both men’s faces.

What makes this event even cooler was that the men had actually booked the same hotel for the evening and ran into each other once more at a local pub.

No DNA tests have been taken, but many curious internet users speculate that the men are, in fact, twins that were separated at birth.


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