Foolish Things American Tourists Have Done


So, there is definitely a stigma around the world that Americans are loud, obnoxious, entitled, and dumb. And while this stereotype is definitely not an accurate representation of the entire U.S population, there are some instances that American tourists have participated in while abroad that would definitely lead the locals to fully believe this stereotype.

So, while other country’s tourists have their own stereotypes in the minds of Americans, none of these stereotypes are quite as reckless as that of the Americans’. One example of this is the women who carved their initials into the colosseum. These women decided to leave their mark on this ancient piece of history and even took a selfie of their handiwork. And while carving your initials into ancient architecture is pretty bad, it gets worse. Another example of American tourists living up to the stereotype of being disrespectful and dumb was when two sisters travelled to Cambodia and decided to take nude pictures in a sacred temple. And if that isn’t enough, how about the American tourist who gave the Nazi salute in a German bar?

Well, while there are many other stories of dumb things that AMericans have done while abroad definitely still exist, these here are some of the most notable. It is important to be respectful of the country and culture that you are visiting and if something seems wrong or illegal to do, it probably is.


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