London Black Cabs Are Taking On Green Energy


Is the era of the combustion engine coming to an end? With high levels of pollution in urban areas, many authorities are imposing restrictions on some vehicles. The city of London is leading the way forward in tackling this global problem, putting restrictions on where and when you can park your car.

An icon on the London streets, the ubiquitous black cab, is undergoing a major change. What was previously known as the London Taxi Company, is now the London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC). Priding themselves in providing sustainable transport solutions for the world.

They can boast that, “the black cab has gone green.” London city roads are aiming for zero emissions by 2032. LEVC state that any new black cabs will now be electric models, using innovative eCity technology.

LEVC has already attracted interest from RMC, a major cab operator in the Netherlands, who purchased 225 EVs from them. They will provide user-friendly features, such as onboard Wifi and apps for booking services. This is a motivated company that considers their passengers, and care for the people who drive them. Chris Chubby, CEO (LEVC), has promised substantial savings in the running costs for every cab driver. This will help reduce their operational costs. 

Only when it is mandatory for commercial vehicle operators to have electric engines, will city streets will be cleaner. In the UK alone, it is believed that as many as 50,000 die prematurely due to air pollution.

This is an exciting time for LEVC, as they secure the future for electric engines.


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