Electric Light Up Cotton Candy Makes the Magic Kingdom Even More Magical


Walt Disney is magical. And Disney’s Magic Kingdom is ever more magical. Just as if the amazing attractions, characters walking around and fun stores weren’t enough, Disney Food Blog has reported that a new type of food will be served. We are talking about a new kind of cotton candy, a super magical cloud of sugar filled with “electricity.”

What’s special about this cotton candy is the incredible colors which make it extremely Instagramable! This cotton candy has only been in the parks for a few weeks, but we hope it will stay permanently. According to Cosmopolitan, they were introduced as a part of Disneyland’s World of Color show.

To realize how successful this new food is, all you gotta do is look through social media under #ElectricCottonCandy and #LightUpCottonCandy. You’ll find lots and lots of people uploading pictures about it. They all look so good. This is such a special idea: nowhere else on earth you can hold up your glimmering wand of candy. Whoever came up with it, had an extremely great idea!


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