Emirates Flight Attendant Reveals Her Most Important Packing Tips


When heading on a trip abroad, it can be challenging to decide what to pack. Fortunately, Emirates Cabin Crew Member Natasha Faux is here to help. Here are some of her most important packing tips to help you be ready for your next flight.

Make Travel Capsule Outfits

Before you even start packing, make outfit combinations that go well together that you can put in your suitcase. This way, you’ll save time making your packing list and perhaps even eliminate unnecessary clothing that just takes up space. Remember, choosing the right shoes is also important, especially since they can be quite bulky.

Use Packing Cubes

In addition to compressing items in order to fit them into your bags more easily, packing cubes can help you to organize your belongings into categories, making them easier to find when you open your bags and hope to find something specific.

Bring Some Colorful Earrings

When making travel capsule outfits, you may find that you have to select more neutral colors. In order to help your clothes stand out a little more, consider bringing some brightly colored earrings that will help to make your outfit really pop. Larger, hoop earrings can go a long way to light up your appearance.


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