Erin Fang is Taking Instagram By Storm with Her Realistic Outlook on Travel


Most people tend to look at traveling through rose-colored glasses, and influencers who present each trip in perfect light certainly aren’t helping. Erin Fang has a completely different approach, and she became a true Instagram sensation thanks to her unfiltered outlook on travel.

Fang is a travel blogger based in Santa Monica, California, but she was actually raised in a pretty strict Chinese family. Being a full-time travel blogger never crossed her mind until she found herself craving more excitement while feeling stuck at her accounting job.

“Growing up in a conservative Asian household, she was always told to pursue a ‘traditional’ way of life. After graduating from USC, she started her career in public accounting…. But during those 60-70 hour weeks, she couldn’t help but think ‘is this all that life has to offer?’” she writes on her official website.

She decided to start her travel page under the Instagram handle The Little Basket, and use it to connect with a community of like-minded individuals. Making a mark in the sea of travel influencers wasn’t an easy task, but being 100% honest worked wonders for Fang.

If you’re tired of perfectly filtered pictures and videos that never address the rocky parts of travel, Fang’s page will be your cup of tea. She attracted over 200,000 Instagram followers because she loves keeping things real, and you can always count on her to present you with both the ups and downs of each destination.


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