Essential Camera Accessories To Get The Perfect Shot on Your Next Vacation


While living in the moment is certainly important on your vacation, so too is taking some breathtaking photographs that will perfectly capture your memories that you’ll be able to gaze upon for years to come. Here are some of the essential camera accessories you should take on your next vacation for that perfect photo.

Shimoda Adventure Backpack

Tough and durable, this backpack is perfect for carrying your camera and all equipment with its mirrorless V2 core unit modular camera insert and multiple access points. What’s more, it matches the required dimensions for carry-on luggage, making it plane-friendly.

Lume Cube RGB Panel Pro 2.0

As any photographer knows, lighting is essential to getting the perfect photo. Still, it can be difficult to lug around heavy lighting equipment. Fortunately, the Lume Cube is lightweight and effective, providing you with the lighting you need with minimal hassle.

Peak Design Capture Clip

You never know when an unforgettable vacation moment will crop up. As a result, you probably won’t want to be without your camera when that time comes. That’s why you should get this hands-free camera clip, which allows you to have your camera on you at all times while keeping your hands available.


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