European Cities That are Amazing for Tattoos


Europe is an incredible continent to travel in. With so many different countries sharing borders, the differences in culture and landscape throughout different areas are vast, and there are so many cities, natural spaces, and significant sites to visit. If you’re a traveler who also loves tattoos, then you may well know the reputation Europe has for an unbelievable tattoo scene. Here are three of the best European cities for tattoos. 

Berlin, Germany

This major city is well-known for having a super cool scene, in terms of fashion, culture, and nightlife. On top of this, the arts scene is on another level, and tattooing is no different. Head to Berlin if you want some super cool, artsy, and unique ink.

Paris, France

Paris is one of the most desirable travel destinations worldwide for a huge range of reasons. Again, the art culture of this city has been famous for centuries and nowadays this is reflected in the exceptional quality and creativity of the tattoo artists working there.

Dublin, Ireland

It’s not surprising that the capital of Ireland has such exciting offerings in terms of culture and attractions, with the tattoo scene there being a perfect example. If you’re into edgy blackwork and bold, fearless tattoos then you’ll no doubt find some artists that you’ll fall in love with.


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