Every Woman Should Take This Trip Before Turning 40


None of us want to get old because that just means our beuty is fading and our health is not the same as it used to be. Or is that really the case? We have a good news for you: Forty is the new 20. That means, you have to enjoy your life even when you get older. Your life is not over the second you turn 40! You can actually have much more fun now than 20 years ago because you are wiser, and financially better off.  There are some things however, that we suggest you do before turning 40 to enjoy them to the fullest. You need to try camping at least once in your life. Tent, sleeping bag, the stars at night. You need to do it! So load the car, get a map and let the adventure begin! 

If you buy a EuroRail pass, you can take the train around the continent and do the second kind of trip you have to do before turning 40.  This trip, especially if you do it with friends, will be memorable. 

You’ll enjoy not only the destination but the ride itself. And then, you should go somewhere completely alone. We know it’s intimidating and hard to do it. But just book a flight and go ahead. It’s an experience you will remember for the rest of your life.

Go backpacking, stay in hostels, eat street food. Get lost in a place you don’t know, make new friendship, wander around. Enjoy the ride! 


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