Everyone Has a Dream Job, and These are the Most Popular Around the World


Working is no longer as conventional as we once knew it. Gone are the days when people everywhere sat behind office desks between 9 to 5 each day. We have entered the age where remote working is possible and some choose to do so on tropical islands.

With that said, some professions are more popular than others in certain countries. Recently Remitly, a global money transfer company, compiled Google searches to find out which.


Ever had aspirations of soaring across the skies? You are definitely not alone. “How to be a pilot” was the most common search in 25 countries, clocking in 930,630 times. It proved to be the top career choice in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia.


They say that writing is a skill that you are born with, yet people in Sweden, South Africa, and New Zealand are very interested in the prospect of becoming one. There were 801,200 searches for how to be a writer from 75 countries. With most writing work being remote, and positions ranging from copywriter to novelist, who can blame ‘em?


Although dancer came in at 3rd place, it is the next job on the list which gives an indication of how much of a role social media plays in our lives. There were no less than 195,070 inquiries about how to become a “YouTuber”, making it the most popular option in Uruguay, Mexico, and Chile.


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