Find Some Latin Flair in Atlanta


Do you enjoy a fun and casual night out with friends? Sometimes local bars and commonly visited spots can become a bit of a bore. That’s why it is important to travel to new places and gain new experiences that you would not normally. f you are looking for a need experience in Atlanta, Georgia, look no further than Eclipse De Luna. This venue is a tapas style restaurant. However, on Thursday nights, they have their Latin Night event, where their resident DJ comes and plays popular Latin hits for the large amount of people on the dance floor to enjoy.

These nights are usually packed with people eating a late dinner of tapas, sipping on a mojito or beer from the large bar in the side of the venue, or sitting on the heated outside patio smoking hookah with a group of friends.  Usually, groups of friends range from 21 years old to people in their 50’s.  And while everyone may not be a pro Latin dancer, there is sure an amazing atmosphere where friends are dancing with friends, strangers start dancing with your friend group, or maybe you will even be asked to dance by someone.

Bars like Eclipse De Luna are not as common in Atlanta as they are in Miami, for example. So, if you’re someone who enjoys Latin culture, food, and music, and you either live in or are visiting ATL, then you should definitely check out this awesome venue on their Latin Night event on Thursdays.


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