Find The Best Vietnamese Street Food


In Vietnam and wondering how best you can enjoy street food? Those who’ve been to the country know that the land boasts of many great street foods, but which are somewhat difficult for a newbie to try if they have no one to guide them. Regardless, you definitely want to enjoy the street foods as they provide a great opportunity to experience the Vietnamese culture and warmth.

You most likely won’t find an English menu, and if the merchant doesn’t speak much English then you’ll have to depend on intuition to decide which food is best.

But there are certain things you need to look out for in order to get that delicious mouth-watering dish.

Look For What the Locals Are Eating

As the saying goes, a good product is easy to sell. It’s most likely that where many locals eat is where there are great foods. 

Keep Your Eye Out For Food Carts

In Vietnam, many good restaurants have food carts. The restaurant that owns and operates food carts are held in high regard, and their food carts are just as good just more affordable and faster. 

See How Fresh the Ingredients Are 

Many eateries in Vietnam put up their ingredients on display. Go through the ingredients and make a decision about whether the food is right for you.

Also, check for freshness as many small restaurants may serve foods that were prepared the previous day.

Where’s the Food Prepared?


Most street food doesn’t take long to prepare is typically prepared in the open. There’s no reason why the food can’t be cooked while you are seeing it unless it’s something like meat.

So, try to eat at places where food is prepared in the open.

While these are just a few things you can look out for while in Vietnam, other things to be considered are the food’s presentation and the cleanliness of the staff. Enjoy!


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