3 Friendliest Airports In The United States


An enjoyable airport experience is the best way to get your vacation off to a pleasant start. Once you’re greeted by friendly staff and given the assistance you need, you’ll be able to immediately feel less stressed and more prepared to board your plane. Here are the friendliest airports in the United States according to a study by Upgraded Points.

Portland International Airport

With an overall friendliness score of 43.57, this airport in Oregon will be sure to provide you with a warm welcome. In addition to a heap of praise directed at its friendly staff, many reviewers also commented on the friendliness of the TSA staff compared to other airports.

Indianapolis International Airport

Voted the best airport in North America by Airports Council International as well as the Best Airport in America by Condé Nast Traveler readers, it’s not hard to see why. This sprawling airport is easy to get around with the help of its warm and welcoming staff, scoring an impressive 43.27 in its overall friendliness score to be named America’s second-friendliness airport.

Jacksonville International Airport

Filled with restaurants, bars, and stores as well as convenient places to park for members of its frequent parker program, Jacksonville International Airport is ideal for travelers looking for some recreation to fill their time as they wait for their flight. What’s more, it scores 39 in its overall friendliness score, clinching the bronze medal.


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