Fun Things to Do at Ski Resorts Besides Skiing


Ski resorts can be a lot of fun, even for non-skiers. If you don’t like skiing or can’t do it for some other reason, then try some of these other fun things you can do at a ski resort.

Go Shopping

This might be an expensive activity, but no one can deny it’s fun. Most ski resorts have shopping malls or shopping districts that feature all sorts of stores, ranging from those that sell luxury goods and clothes to souvenir shops.

Relax at the Spa Retreat

Why would you go out and be in the cold? Instead, stay inside and enjoy the ski resort’s spa retreat. Spend a day in a sauna, soak in the Jacuzzi, or take a swim in the pool.

Enjoy Nightlife

Ski resorts have amazing nightlife. You will have your choice of nightclubs if you are in the mood for a party. If not, then you can enjoy dinner and a glass of wine in one of the many restaurants you’ll probably find around.

Explore a Nearby Town

If you can’t hit the slopes, then you might want to head to the nearby town and see what it offers. You might find some interesting monuments and various tourist attractions that will help you fill out the time.


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