Girl Almost Robbed By a Mime in Spain


When travelling abroad, people are typically warned of certain dangerous and threatening scenarios that may occur.  For example, people are warned about pickpockets, women are warned not to smile at random men on the street, people are told to research the local culture as to learn about any behavior that may get them in trouble with the authorities, and people are warned about other petty crimes that typically and frequently occur overseas.

However, people are not really warned about mimes.  Yes, travellers are told to be weary of their surroundings when viewing a street performing spectacle, as many times pickpockets take advantage of the engaged audience and steal their wallets, cash, credit cards, and other belongings.  However, people typically are not warned about the street performers themselves.

One girl, a student who was travelling abroad for the semester in Valencia, Spain, had a bizarre encounter with one of these street performers.  She and her friends went out to grab a casual drink and snack at a local cafe. This cafe was located in a little street-like alleyway right off of a busy plaza.  However, the area was not really dangerous as it was broad daylight, and their were plenty of other people walking around the area and even dining at neighboring tables.  So, once the girl had ordered her food and drink, she and her friends were laughing and having a good time.  All of a sudden, a mime walked up to the table.  The mime, asked the table of girls for money.  Yes, he spoke, which mimes shouldn’t do in the first place. When the girls expressed that they didn’t have any cash to spare, the mime looked at the table, saw the girls phone, and said, “Well, if I can’t have your money, I’ll just take your phone.” He then proceeded to grab for the girls phone, which luckily she was able to get to first.  Upset and aggravated, the mime called this girl names and cursed her out in Spanish.  However, finally, he proceeded to drunkenly hobble away.  This just goes to show you that you can never be too careful when keeping an eye on your belongings or when being approached by a strange man in a mime costume.


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